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20 Easy Nail Designs

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Sometimes we just want something that is simple and pretty. We do not want to gain attention by putting too much effort. We are always trying to find the best look, which is easy to do and looks cute. The same goes for nails. We want to gain attention, by putting different nail designs, however, sometimes the simple nail designs look the most pretty out of all the difficult ones to do. That is why today we offer you 20 Easy Nail Designs. If you are a beginner in the nail art, these nail designs will definitely be for you and do not hesitate by trying them on. First of all, let us introduce you the color splash nail art. What you are basically doing is using your nails as a canvas, and you are just mashing different colors around. Maybe you will find a tinge, which looks good on your nails, and you can try this design with any colors you want. Now let’s move on to the white minimal chevron nail art. This design is one of the more popular ones nowadays. It is all white with stripes going through the whiteness. It is stylish and classy, so if you want those two things applied to you, definitely try this one. Now we can move on to the two-toned blue nail art. The thing with the color blue, it always looks beautiful on nails, no matter the tinge. This design is, again, very simple and classy. Not to mention that it gives off a fresh vibe on any day. They will definitely gain the attention they deserve. You have to remember, that there are many more designs you can try on, but these are one of the best. So check the photos below!

1-Easy Nail Design

Easy Nail Design, Nail Art Nails Las

2-Easy do Dots on Nails

Easy do Dots on Nails, Nail Art Dots Easy

3-Dot Polka Nail Design

Dot Polka Nail Design, Nails Nail Daisy Dot

4-Cute Purple Nails Design

Cute Purple Nails Design, Nail Nails Easy Ideas

5-Mickey Mouse Easy Nail Art

Mickey Mouse Easy Nail Art, Mickey Nails Mouse Nail

6- Short Nail Design

Nail Summer Nails Design

7- Cute Nails

Nail Short Summer Tree

8- Black Nails with Colorful Dots

Nail Easy Nails Dot

9- V shape design

Nail Manicure French Nails

10- Easy Short Nail Design

Nail Space Nails Best

11- Minimal Nails

Nail Dot Polka Stripes

12- Gold and Pink Nail Polish

Gold Pink Nail Nails

13- French Tips

French Nails Manicure Nail

14- Summer Vibes

Nail Summer Easy Super

15- Short Nail Design

Nails Nail Ideas Design

16- Matte Colors

Nail Nails Ideas Manicure

17- Easy Disney Nail Design

Nails Disney Minnie Nail

18- Nude Nails

Nail Art Nails Design

19- Bright Summer Nails

Nail Nails Summer Bright

20- Easy Style

Nail Coral Short Acrylic

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