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18 Wedding Nail Designs

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Weddings are a time to be joyous and celebrate the love between two people and their souls that have found each other and will be together forever. They are a time for happiness weddings are where you can finally dress formally and look your best – without outshining the bride of course! With all of the happy moments and joyful memories that weddings bring, there are also many preparations that you need to go through and plans that you need to make, including your dress, the venue, guests, food, the cake, and your nails as well! You simply cannot forget your nails and the reason for this is when the love of your life puts that beautiful ring on your finger, everyone will be watching it and they will definitely notice your hand and how it looks! This is why your nails need to be done perfectly and they need to outshine everyone because this is your big day after all! If you have no idea what to do with your nails though, fear not because this is why we are here. In this article, we will give you some beautiful wedding nail designs that you can choose from! For something really elegant and simple, you can go for a lovely nude color and finish it with a matte top coat or a beautiful glossy top coat. You can even have a nail accentuated with a jewel or with a glitter if you would like! Lace is also something that you can play with, whether it is real lace or just a design/stencil! You can even add some tiny flowers that are cute! Now that you have a little bit of an idea, don’t forget to do those nails!

1- Wedding nail design

Nails Nail Winter Top

2- French nails for wedding

Nails French Manicure Glitter

3- Classy long nails

Wedding Nails Nail French

4- Nude pink nail art

Nails Nail Nude Wedding

5- Natural wedding nail idea

Nails Wedding Nail But

6-Wedding Nail Design

Wedding Nail Design, Wedding Manicure Nail Nails

7-Short Wedding Nails with French Manicure

Short Wedding Nails with French Manicure, Nails Nail Wedding Simple

8-Classy White and Gold Nails

Classy White and Gold Nails, Nail Nails Ideas White

9-Simple Golden Nail Art Design

Simple Golden Nail Art Design, Nail Gold Wedding Nails

10-White Nail Design for Brides

White Nail Design for Brides, Nails Nail White Nageldesign

11-Bridal Nails

Nail Nails Design Acrylic

12-Marble Rose Gold Nails

Nail Nails Wedding Design

13-French Tips

French Nails Nail Wedding

14-Bridal Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Nail Nails Wedding Day

15-Wedding Nails

Nail Nails Manicure Design

16-Pink and White Ombre Design

Nail Nails Wedding Design

17-French Manicure with Glitters

French Manicure Nail Nails

18-Original Vintage Nail Design

Nails Nail Wedding Manicure

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