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18 Simple Nail Designs 2017

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We all want to be trendy and we strive to keep up with the trend of clothes and nails. nails playa vital role in shaping your overall beauty, so you should never hesitate to try the latest nail designs. If you are after simplicity then today’s post is for you as we have brought Simple Nail Designs 2017 for you. One of the simple nail designs is black and white color. Simply put white polish on your nails and add some black dots. This is a very cute style yet very easy to achieve. Matte nails are also considered to be very trendy. Just try some matte colors you love and you are good to go. even if you have short nails, fret not, matte colors suit every type of nail. Another great and simple idea is trying some shades of the same color. Just take different shades of blue color and you are good to go. Put each shade on each of your nails and you will have a very nice look. One of the simple designs that have been on trend for many years is French tips. French tips will never go out of style as they are really cute, beautiful, and easy to do. However, if you want simple yet a little bit festive look as you are heading to a party, then we offer you to add some rhinestones. If you don’t want that very gorgeous nail design, just add rhinestones on only one of your fingers. Nude colors are also very stylish if you want a simple one. This will give you a very natural look you are craving for. Simply get inspired by the photos below, try them and we assure you that you will shine brightly with your simple nail designs!

1. Simple Polka Dots Nail Design

Nyc Nail, Ny Nail, Daisy French Manicure, Polka Dots, Da Nail, Daisy,

2. Simple Nail Art

Nail, Pastel Nail, Art, Tiffanypeacock Pastel

3. Matte Nail

Manicures, Art, Matte Nail, Simple Nail, Matte, Simple, Idea

4. Simple Silver Nail

Glitter, Glitter Nail, Sparkle, Silver, Beautiful, Simple

5. Blue

Blue Blue, Art, S, Manicures

6. Simple Pink Nail Design

Botanic Pink Pink, Pretty Nail Botanical, Botanic, Simple, Summer

7. Simple Nail Short Nail

Wedding 2, Diaries, Atelier Lim, 2 French Manicure

8. White Nail

Nail, Pastel Nail, Manicures, Simple Fall Art, White Nail, Very, Pastel

9. Grey Gel Nail

Art, Manicures, Simple Nail Polish, Polish, Grey

10. Manicure on Almond Shaped Nail

Marble Simple Art, Manicures, Marble

11. Simple Stiletto Nail Design

Stiletto Nail, Claw Ring, Stilettos, Nude Nudes, Nude, Claw, Ring, Stiletto

12. Simple Nail Designs

Simple Nail Designs

13. Spring

Manicures, Nail Polish, Heart Nail, Simple Heart, Simple,

14. Cute Simple Acrylic Nail

French Manicure, Glitter, Wedding Nail, French, Pretty Nail, Simple, Wedding

15. Nail White Simple

Weddingfrench Manicure, Manicures, French, Glitter, White

16. Office Nail Simple

Dashingdiva, Art, Wedding Nail, Ps, Simple, Wedding

17. Simple Elegant Nail Art Design

Esign, Pinknail, S, Wedding Winter Pink, Simple, Wedding

18. Simple Nail Design

Kiss, black Nail, Polish, Opi, Nail Polish, Swatch, Black, Kiss, Simple

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