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18 Natural Nail Designs

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Not everyone feels attracted to funky, gorgeous nails. There still some ladies who love to remain simple and look naturally beautiful. We respect this idea and therefore, have emerged with some natural nail design ideas that you can try on various occasions.

In case, you’re new to the term “natural nail design”, here’s what it means – When your original or fake aka acrylic nails would be painted and designed with nude color or pink or cream shades, matching your skin tone at its best, the outcome is called natural nail designs.

Now, let’s see the following 18 natural nail designs that are sure to amaze your beholders with their charm.

1- Natural Nail Design

Natural Nail Design, Nail Acrylic Nails Manicure

These gorgeous shaped nails will escalate your look making it more fashionable and trendy. The difficulty is that you have to keep your nails very long if you’re not using acrylic ones to get the shapes.

2- Short Natural Color Nails

Short Natural Color Nails, Natural Acrylic Nail Manicure

Love to have low maintenance nails but can’t sacrifice remaining in style? This short natural color nails look stylish and can add to your glamour without much effort.

3- Nude and Silver Glitter Nails

Nude and Silver Glitter Nails, Nails Nail Simple Wedding

Glitters on ring fingers and artistically set stones on the index fingers make the wearers hand more enthralling to look.

4- Natural Short Coffin Acrylic Nails

Natural Short Coffin Acrylic Nails, Nail Nails Natural Bridal

It’s not necessary to grow your nails longer for making your coffin nails look outlandish. Acrylic nails are always there to be your best partner to lend the perfect natural style.

5- Oval Shaped Natural Nails

Oval Shaped Natural Nails, Ring Engagement Oval Pink

6- Short Pink Vibrant Look

Natural Acrylic Manicure Shellac

7- Beautiful Neutral Color

Nail Nails Design Manicure

8- Easy Line and Arrow White Pattern

Nail Easy Art Manicure

9- Dip Powder on Natural Nails

Nail Natural Manicure Love

10- Clear Acrylic Pointed nails

Nails Nail Shape Love

11- White Rose Pattern on Ring Finger

Nail Nails Design Manicure

12- Tiny Dark Green Triangle at Bottom

Nail Nails Design Manicure

13- Natural Looking Acrylic Nails

Nail Gel Natural Manicure

14- White Flower Designs

Manicure Nails French Nail

15- Short Nails Trimmed with Square Top

Manicure Nail French Nails

16- Cute Shiny Coffin Nails

Nail Nails Coffin Natural

17- Purple Tinge on White Long Square Nails

Nail Nails Natural Gel

18- Gel French Manicure Natural

Manicure Nails French Nail

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