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18 Different Nail Designs

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You have a perfect dress, a perfect shoe, and you’ve done your makeup perfectly. Still, something is missing. What’s that? Your nails! You can’t leave your nails dull and look sapless when your end goal is to achieve an ultimate perfect look. Yes, nails do have an impact on your entire personality. And hence, we suggest you to take it as an opportunity to shine the way you like!

Nails have variant shapes. You can opt for any shape – round, square, oval, coffin or almond. And surprisingly, these multiple shaped nails can also get their own identity by having different colorful designs.  Playing with nail paint is a fun thing when you are familiar with a lot of artistic patterns. To aid you with mind-blowing ideas, we have come up with 18 different nail designs that you can try alternately. All of them are incredibly capable of bringing you a special kind of attraction no matter what the situation or event is!

1- Different Nail Design

Different Nail Design, Nail Nails Flower 2018

This floral pattern on the ring fingers makes the blacktop nail paint on the other fingers look extraordinarily charming. The pink border outlining the black color is simply mesmerizing.

2- Pineapples Nail Design

Pineapples Nail Design, Nail Art Manicure Summer

If you are a big pineapple lover, there’s no reason for not adopting this pineapple nail design on your next makeover session. It’ll surely give your personality a level up!

3- Different Square Nail Design

Different Square Nail Design, Nail Acrylic Nails Different

4- Classy Red Black Ombre Nails

Classy Red Black Ombre Nails, Polish Nail Nails Ombre

5- Cute Blue Glitter Acrylic Nails

Cute Blue Glitter Nails, Glitter Nail Polish Acrylic

6- Colorful Stiletto Abstract Geometrical Pattern

Nail Nails Art Best

7- Pink Brush Strokes on White Color

Nails Nail Fall Light

8- Dark Green Leaves on Oval Nails

Nail Shape Manicure Best

9- Teal & Purple Acrylic Coffin Nails

Nail Acrylic Nails Coffin

10- Pineapple Yellow Design

Nail Summer Yellow Nails

11- Dark Blue to Off-White Gel Nails

Nail Blue Design Art

12- Broken Glass Nail Design 2018

Nail Nails Colors Manicure

13- Chrome Nails with Rhinestones

Nails Nail Long Shape

14- Long Coffin Nails with Rose Pattern + Accessories

Nail Nails Ideas Coffin

15- Sensational Pink Almond Nails with Heart Shaped Military pattern

Nail Nails Art Camo

16- Aqua Silver Star Effect

Nail Art Manicure Design

17- Most Eye-Catching Matte and Glitter Nails

Nails Nail Polish Different

18- Amazing Burgundy Brown Nails

Nail Design Art Nails

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