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17 New Blue and White Nail Designs

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At the moment, we see that the colors blue and white fit together quite nicely. It offers you nice looks, and this color combination is becoming more and more recognized by everyone in the world. It works nice on outfits, but this is one of the best combinations for fingernails. It is becoming more popular day by day, everyone tries them sooner or later, but most of the time we do not want to keep the same stuff. That is why we are searching for designs. Therefore we have gathered together some 17 New Blue and White Nail Designs. Firstly, let us take a look at one of the more popular blue and white nail designs. The base is blue, and there are a lot of white ornaments painted on the blue base. The ornaments really make you stand out as usual, and it is even better if the base is dark blue. It will give you that classy, sometimes even a breathtaking look that all girls are trying to get no matter what. Then we can move on with a very similar design. It is basically flipped around, as the base is now white, and ornaments are now blue. However, the only change is the details, as the ornaments are not so big, and it will definitely get you the same result as the previous one. Last but not least, the polka dot blue and white nail design. This one of the most popular designs in the nail art community, as most women really appreciate this design. It is quite simple, the base of the nail blue, the dots are white, and it makes an astounding look all around. That is why you should not hesitate, and try one of these looks!

1. Dark Blue Nail Design

Polka Dots, Dots, Polish, Blue, Dot Nail, Art, Dark, Dot, Polka,

2. Blue and White Coffin Nail

Blue, Art, Blue Flowers, Pretty Nail, Paisley Nail, White, Coffin

3. Simple Nail Art Design

Art, Blue Manicures, Dark

4. Mexican Styles Nail

Polka Dots, Dots, Art, Dot Nail, Blue Blue, Dot, Polka, Accent

5. Navy Blue Nail Design

Nautical Nail, Striped Nail, Art Nail, Winter Blue, Striped

6. Blue and White Nail Art

Art, Blue, Blue Snowflake Christmas Winter White, Snowflake, Day

7. Dallas Cowboys Nail Design

Polish, Blue, Blue Mcpolish, Glitter, Nail Polish

8. Blue Nail Art Design

Blue, Cloud Nail, Art, Nail Polish, Polish, Heart Nail, Bright, Heart, Summer, Idea

9. Blue and White Nail

Art, Toe Nail, S, White, Blue

10. Decoração De Unha Esmalte Azul

Blue, Polish, Glitter Nail, Blue Glitter, Idea, Art

11. Magic


12. Blue and White Stiletto Nail

İlettostilettos, Margaritasnailz, Coffin Art, White, Blue, Coffin

13. Blue and White Nail

Nautical Nail, Anchor Nail, Summer Nail, Blue Art, Navy White, Blue, Anchor, Navy

14. Chameleon Nail

Ombre Nail, Art, Blue, Blue Ombre

15. Blue French Nail Design

Nail Polish, Polish, Swatch, Blue, Blue China Glaze, Essie China, French, Cute [

16. Light Blue Ombre Nail

Nail Polish, Essie, Polish, Blue, Blueswatch, Color, Light

17. Blue Nail with Flowers

Nail, Art, Blue Blue Pretty Nail, Flowers

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