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15 Graduation Nail Designs

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Graduation is a BIG day in any student’s life. We, in fact, prepare ourselves to make the day highly memorable. So, done with choosing your outfit, hairstyle and collected all make up kits? You still have something you can take care for improving your overall appearance. The nails! Yeah, you heard it right. Like the other aspects we mentioned, nails can be a part of your beauty.

Even better, you’ll find special designs that are invented with the purpose of serving the idea of your graduation at its best. So, why not grab the opportunity? It’s an awesome idea to show some creativity during one of the celebration days of your life. That being said, we offer you a list of 15 graduation nails designs that are dedicated to endowing you with the amazingness at its peak.

1- Graduation Nail Design

Graduation Nail Design, Graduation Nails Nail Big

Go red with this nail design! The perfection gets its new face when you make that black graduation cap along with the year in number against the white background on your ring finger.  Square shaped nails are the most preferable in this case, however.

2- High School Graduation Nail Design

High School Graduation Nail Design, Graduation Nails Nail High

It’s on the side of a comparatively brighter look. The little and index fingers get black paint while the middle finger is kept dark burgundy. Both are on their fullest shine. Like the previous design, here we also see the ring finger getting graduation and year in number though these two are kept in two different hands. So, appealing in every bit!

3- Chic Nail Style for Graduation

Chic Nail Style for Graduation, Graduation Nail School Ideas

4- Graduation Cap Nail Art

Graduation Cap Nail Art, Nail Graduation Art Halloween

5- Cute Nail Art Idea for Graduation

Cute Nail Art Idea for Graduation, Graduation Nail Cute Art

6- Interesting Graduation Nail Decor

Graduation Nail Art Day

7- Elegant Cap Inspired Design

Nail Graduation Nails Style

8- Fresh Prom and Graduation Nail Art

Nails Nail Queen Modern

9- Dark Green Short Nail

Graduation Art Nail Party

10- Graduation Cap, Year and Rose Effect

Nail Graduation Ideas Art

11- Simple and Impressively Charming Design

Art Nail Decals Stickers

12- Graduation Themed Ocean Blue Paint + Stones

Nail Graduation Nails Most

13- Black in White Background

Nail Art Graduation Stickers

14- Floral Impact

Nail Art Graduation Galleries

15- Gold on Violet

Nail Graduation Art Ideas

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