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10 New Hot Nail Designs

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Sometimes we need to be trendy, sometimes we want to be trendy, and sometimes we want to look as hot as we can. Therefore we are trying many different ways of becoming as hot, as trendy as we can be. You can apply some nice make-up to your face, you can make your hair super cool, and to complete the full package you can apply different nail designs to your fingernails. That will be very hot, as you will gain the attention you deserve for your efforts. Now we offer you to check out some photos of the latest 10 New Hot Nail Designs. You can start with darker hues nail design. It is like cobalt blue, and blue always fits nicely with your outfits and just looks great on fingernails in general. What makes this really hot is that it gives you a sophisticated look and really makes you look brilliant. Then let us move on to the abstract nail design. It is very simple, just a mix of three colors-purple, red and black with dots in it. However, its simplicity symbolizes hotness. Now let us move on to the happy hour ocean sunset. It gives you a very a fresh vibe, going from baby blue to baby orange. It definitely fits with a lot of outfits and makes you look the hottest you have ever been. Last but not least, there is the delicate dots nail design. Again, a very simple design, however sometimes simplicity symbolizes being hot. It is not overwhelming, not too dramatic. There are a ton of different designs to make your nails look hot. These are the best ones, so always pick whichever is the best for you!

1. Black and Red Nail Art

Redblack Nail Red, French Manicure, Hot

2. Matte Maroon Nail Polish

İls, Matte Nail, Nail Color, Acrylic Fall Nail, Matte S, Hot, Matte, Color

3. Pink Matte Acrylic Nail

Pink Nail, Pink, Matte Nail, Hot Pinkpretty Nail, Hot, Matte

4. Hot Tips Nail Lounge

Nail, Stiletto Coffin Pink Beautyacrylic Hot

5. Matte Hot Pink Nail

Pink, Pink Nail, Matte Pink Acrylichot, Neon, Matte, Idea, Acrylic,

6. Hot Nail for January 2017

Art, Nail Polish, Purple, Opi, Black Nail, Hot, Black, 2017, S, Polish

7. Hot Tips Nail Lounge

Stiletto Pink Nail, Pink, Ps, Coffin Hot

8. Hot Pink Nail Design

Pink Accent Nail, Pink, Pretty Nail, Polish, Hot, Blue, Accent, Idea, Pretty,

9. Hot Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Stiletto Nail, Wedding Nail, Getbuffed, Hot, Stiletto, Wedding

10. Hot Pink Nail Design

Pink, Pink Nail, Hot Pink, Glitter, Accent Nail, Hot, Accent, Idea, S

11. Coffin Nail Design Summer

Ails, Summer Lace Nail, Coffinneon Nail, Neon, Matte

12. Manicure for The New Year 2017

Manicure for The New Year 2017

13. Lace Nail Art

Art, Winter Stamps, Christmas Fishnet Nail, Snowflake Lace, Snowflake, Winter, Christmas

14. White and Gold Nail

Leopard Print, Lace Nail, Animal Prints, Leopards, Leopard Print, White, Black

15. Wedding Nail Design

French Manicure, Wedding Lace Nail French, Manicures, Wedding, Lace, Idea, Manicure

16. Beige Acrylic Nail

Nail, Art, Lace Nail, Luminousacrylicbeige

17. Lace Nail

Nail, Lace Nail, Animal Prints, Art, Pretty Nail, Animal, Lace, Prints, 2017, Idea

18. Designer Nail

French Manicure, Wedding Lace Nail French, Manicures, Pretty Nail, Lace, Wedding, Idea

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