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10 Best Pink and White Nail Designs

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One of the best things with manicure is that creativity in designs is really endless. Once you start the nail art, you will not remember what was your first design, as you will be going to so many different ones. They could be minimalistic, overwhelming, sparkly, spicy, or anything that appeals to you at the time the most. One of the more popular colors to paint your nails is the pink color. However, most women do not like their nails to be just bright pink. Some want to mix it up and a great way of mixing it up is with a white color. Today we are happily inviting you to check out 10 Best Pink and White Nail Designs. Let us not start off with anything crazy, first, we need something simple. That is the chevron white and pink nail design. Half of the nail is white, the other half is white, and it looks absolutely breathtaking. You can definitely make this design yourself, so you do not have to worry about its making difficulty. Then we can move on to one of the more classical designs in the nail art industry. It is the polka dot pink and white nail design. The base of the nail is baby pink, and there are white dots all over the nail. Most women recognize this as a very cute design, so you definitely should consider it as one of your options. Last but not least, it is the stripe pink and white nail design. The very back of the nail and the very front of the nail is covered in white, while the base is covered in pink. You can definitely do it with a lot of tinges of pink, so do not worry and try it!

1. French Nail with Glitter

French Manicure, Pink Wedding French, Pink, White

2. French Manicure Nail Art

Pink Pink, Art, Pretty Nail, French White, French, Idea, Pretty

3. Pink And White Acrylic Nail

French Manicure French, Manicures, Wedding French Tips, French White, Pink,

4. White Tip Nail Design

Pink, French, Manicures, French Manicure, Art, Pretty Nail, Pink White, Pretty

5. White And Pink Nail

Pink, Manicures, French Manicure White, French, 2017, Manicure

6. Pink And White Acrylic Nail

Pink, Art, Pink Manicures, Simple White, Simple, Acrylic

7. Light Pink And White Nail

Heart Nail, Valentine Nail Chevron Nail, Winter Nail, Christmas Light

8. Pink Glitter Acrylic Nail

Pink Nail, Coffin Nail, Acrylic Glitter, White

9. Pink And White Nail

Manicures, French Manicure, White Nail, Pinksummer Negatif

10. White Nail with Pink Glitter

Pink Pink, Nail Polish, Glitter Nail, Polish, White, Beautiful, Idea

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